What is Terrahaxs?

Terrahaxs provides a GitOps CI/CD workflow for Terraform enabling multiple people to work on infrastructure at the same time. It provides a streamlined interface for managing infrastructure code changes, including pull request (PR) automation, policy enforcement, and collaboration features.

With Terrahaxs, teams can work together more efficiently to make infrastructure changes, with features like automatic plan and apply execution and feedback and approval workflows. Terrahaxs helps teams adopt best practices for infrastructure as code, making it easier to manage infrastructure changes at scale.

Why should you use it?

Terrahaxs is ideal for teams that want a feature rich tool that is easy to setup, requires no maintenance, and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Current alternatives require you to lose your time or a lot of your money. Terrahaxs gives you both back.

How it Works

Terrahaxs works easily by providing an intuitive interface for developers to deploy infrastructure from within their GitHub workflows.

GitHub Application

Installing a GitHub application is a simple process that requires just a few steps. To get started, navigate to the Terrahaxs GitHub Application and simply click the Install button and follow the prompts to connect your GitHub account to the application.

You may be prompted to grant the application certain permissions, such as access to your repositories or the ability to create webhooks. Once you have granted the necessary permissions, the application will be installed and you can begin using Terrahaxs within your GitHub workflow.

Flexible Configuration

Configuring Terrahaxs is a straightforward process that enables you to streamline your Terraform workflows. Terrahaxs is backwards compatible with Atlantis and supports using terrahaxs.yaml and atlantis.yaml as a configuration file.

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Review Changes

Reviewing infrastructure changes before applying them is a critical step in the development and deployment process that can help ensure the stability and security of your infrastructure. By reviewing proposed changes, you can identify and address potential issues or conflicts before they are deployed to your production environment, minimizing the risk of downtime, data loss, or other negative consequences.

Terrahaxs supports enforcing various apply requirements before changes can be deployed.

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Increase Visibility

Terrahaxs integrates directly with GitHub for infrastructure deployments. One of the main advantages is a simplified developer workflow, where developers can deploy infrastructure from within their GitHub workflows, without switching between tools or interfaces streamlining the development process.

Another benefit of integrating with GitHub is the increased visibility into every deployment. GitHub logs every deployment, providing a complete audit trail of changes and making it easier to track down issues and troubleshoot problems. This visibility also enables you to more easily monitor and enforce compliance with organizational and industry-specific policies and regulations.