Maintenance Costs

When you use Atlantis you are responsible for deploying, maintaining, upgrading, and troubleshooting any issues that arise. From my experience it usually takes about a week to get Atlantis deployed and configured properly for your team. Upgrading Atlantis requires you to keep up-to-date with the project changes, determine if any are breaking changes, and then updating your deployment. And lastly, any issues that cause Atlantis to crash you need to investigate and troubleshoot.

All of this effort adds up over time and detracts you from more impactful projects.

With Terrahaxs, we manage everything outlined above for you freeing up your time and resources to deliver more value.


Having used Atlantis previously we know that if you need to plan a hundred projects it can a long time for all of the plans to be executed. We’ve personally waited up to 20 minutes before. With Atlantis the number of projects you can run in parallel is limited to the number of CPU cores you provision your Atlantis instance with. The more CPUs the higher your costs. You also end up with an over provisioned instance that mostly sits idle.

Terrahaxs runs every project plan/apply in parallel by default. We’ve tested Terrahaxs with 100 projects and all of the projects were done within three minutes!

High Availability

Because of the way Atlantis is designed it is difficult to run it in a highly available configuration. Atlantis stores the plans and locks on the server - meaning you can’t run more than one Atlantis instance at a time unless you configure and use an EFS file system. But, this adds extra work and complexity for you. It also makes it hard to run Atlantis in multiple regions.

Terrahaxs operates in an active-active configuration across two AWS regions providing you high availability out of the box. We send 90% of the requests to the us-west-2 region and have Route53 health checks configured to failover to the us-east-2 region in the event of any issues.

Better Developer Experience

Terrahaxs provides an better developer experience making it easier to enable self-service infrastructure. From making it easy to get started with Terrahaxs to documentation to messaging when and where developers need it Terrahaxs creates a better workflow.