Experience Unbeatable Value

With Terraform Enterprise, you’re required to navigate a complex web of costs that includes charges for admin users, runners, and applies. This complexity often leads to unforeseen expenses and budget overruns.

Adding to this complexity, they require an upfront commitment to a yearly usage contract. This means you could end up locked into a contract that exceeds your needs, leading to overspending and waste.

Although they offer rollover credits, these are only available if your next contract is for an equal or greater value than your previous one, which often doesn’t make financial sense for businesses looking to scale efficiently.

Don’t Pay Extra for Efficiency

At Terrahaxs, we believe in giving you the power to scale efficiently, based on your real-time needs. Our platform scales based on the number of jobs you’re running at any given point, without tying your potential to a set number of runners.

This means if you need to run more jobs in parallel, Terrahaxs effortlessly scales up to meet your needs. And when you don’t need as much capacity, it scales down, ensuring you’re never paying for more than you’re using.

Secure and Cost-Effective

When using Terraform Enterprise, you’re charged based on the number of runners you employ. If you need to operate terraform in multiple accounts, you’re left with a difficult choice.

You can either pay for more runners, drastically increasing your costs, or you can grant runners permissions into all of your AWS accounts, jeopardizing your security by broadening the scope of access.

Terrahaxs offers a better way. With us, you don’t pay for runners. This means you can have a runner in each AWS account, each one precisely scoped with the exact permissions it needs to manage the infrastructure in that specific account.

Seamless Infrastructure Management

Terrahaxs is built directly into GitHub, eliminating the need for additional user management.

Unlike Terraform Enterprise, which operates as a separate platform and requires constant switching between GitHub and Terraform for engineers to monitor their infrastructure’s state, Terrahaxs streamlines your operations.

Terrahaxs keeps a comprehensive record within GitHub Deployments of when each infrastructure change was applied, enhancing transparency, accountability, and efficiency. With Terrahaxs, say goodbye to unnecessary complexities and welcome an era of simplified, integrated infrastructure management.